Heavy Vs Light Gaming Mice

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Beginner Guides

There are a few misconceptions stating that heavy is better than light for gaming mice and vise-versa. There are definitely some situations where a Light or Heavy gaming mouse outperform one another. We’re going to look at the pros & cons, and determine where a certain weight is best.

What Difference Does The Weight Make In-game?

The weight has an immediate effect on how fast you can move the mouse, and how accurate you can be with the cursor. A heavier gaming mouse is harder to accelerate and decelerate, but it’s more accurate with higher sensitivities. And a lighter gaming mouse can move faster and is more accurate when using lower sensitivities.


Light Vs heavy for FPS/Shooter games

A lot of pro gamers in games such as CSGO, Fortnite, overwatch use low sensitivities, and generally speaking, low sensitivities go well with light gaming mice. With a light gaming mouse, it would react quicker when you move it (less inertia) making lower sensitivities easier to manage.

On the contrary, the opposite makes more sense when using a heavier gaming mouse. If you go with the heavy option, a higher sensitivity would make more sense since you would have more control with the mouse anyways.

But that’s just half the story, a popular practice when buying heavy or light gaming mice is to pair it with a mousepad that compliments the mouse well. For example, if you pick up a light gaming mouse, many players use a mousepad with a lot of friction to help stop the mouse. Whereas if you use a heavy gaming mouse, the logical thing to do is buy a mousepad that is smooth and can help accelerate the mouse more easily.

Light Vs heavy for MMO/MMORPG/RTS/MOBA games

Heavier gaming mice are more suitable for games like World Of Warcraft, Dota, Starcraft. Weight is a less important factor to consider, especially when MMO/MMORPG gaming mice are bulky with a ton of side buttons.

Precision is less important in MMO type games compared to FPS games, and typically these types of gamers tend to use high DPIs. They know lift-off may be an issue, so they minimize this issue by using higher DPIs

Since weight is less of an issue with these types of games, you probably won’t suffer any ill effect using a lighter gaming mouse.

Some gaming mice have customizable weights

There are some FPS & MMO gaming mice that allow the user to add additional weight to the gaming mouse. Usually, mice that allow this feature is highly customizable anyways allowing you to customize the length and width of the mouse. Anyways, if you purchase one of these mice with this feature, you can experiment far easier to find out what you find more comfortable.

Heavy VS Light For Different Mouse Grips

How you grip your mouse can be affected by the weight of your gaming mouse. If you have a lot of contact with your gaming mouse, then the weight shouldn’t have any effect. But as the grips start losing contact, that’s when weight may become an issue. You can find more on mice grips on this article here: Difference between mice grips.

The palm grip for heavy mice

palm grip

If you’re a palm grip user, then a heavy gaming mouse probably won’t affect you all that much. This is due to the nature of your grip, you have full contact with the gaming mouse, and it’s very unlikely the mouse will slip out of your hand.

People that use the palm grip go for the wider, and more ergonomically pleasing mice. While they tend to fit better in the hand, they do come with more weight.

The claw grip for heavy mice

claw grip
Claw grip

If you use the claw grip, weight may come in as an issue. You have less contact with the mice, your grip relies on your fingers and the rear end of your hand.

The claw grip is known as being aggressive and having high tension, so as long as your mouse has rubber grips on the side, heavy or not this shouldn’t really be an issue.

The fingertip grip for heavy mice

fingertip grip

The fingertip grip is the grip with very little contact to the mouse, and hardly any tension either. If you use this grip, you should definitely pick up a light gaming mouse. I know the weight of the mouse is personal preference, but heavier gaming mice would most likely slip out of your hand rather easily.

What Gaming Mice Tend To Weight More?

The weight of the gaming mice is affected by a ton of factors: What type of mouse is it? Is the mouse wired or wireless?

An FPS gaming mouse would inherently weigh less than a typical MMO gaming mouse. This is mostly due to the shape, design, and the size of the mouse. FPS gaming mice typically have a slim build whereas, an MMO gaming mice would typically be bulkier with a ton of side buttons.

deathadder light fps mouse
Razer Deathadder

This is what a typical FPS gaming mouse would look like, not too much going on, just two side buttons. This mouse weighs in at only 105 grams which is pretty light compared to most MMO gaming mice.

razer naga heavy mmo mouse
Razer Naga Trinity – Courtesy By osman gucel

This is the razer naga MMO/MMORPG gaming mouse, you can see that it’s quite bigger than the FPS mouse and it features more side buttons. This gaming mouse weighs in at 120grams which is light for an MMO mouse, but again it’s heavier than the FPS mouse.

Wireless gaming mice are heavier than their wired equivalent

Wireless gaming mice are heavier due to the additional weight caused by the battery. Some manufacturers will try to minimize the weight induced by the battery, but rarely maintain the original weight the wired variant has. More about wireless gaming mice can be found here: Wired vs wireless gaming mice.

Conclusion – Which Is Better?

Well, all I’ve done here was display the differences between light and heavy mice, but fundamentally it’s all down to personal preference. Again, lighter gaming mice do indeed react faster due to less inertia, and heavier gaming mice are slower but result in smoother mice movements.

Also, remember that heavier mice can slip out of your hand depending on what grip you use, if you’re using the palm grip, then this probably isn’t an issue.