How Much DPI Do I Need?

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Beginner Guides

When buying a gaming mouse, you may be tempted to pick up the mouse with the highest DPI. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not what it seems.

While gaming mouses with super high DPI’s (+10000) are more accurate than ones with less, you probably won’t use more than 1000DPI for gaming and general use.

DPI Range:400-800800-10001000+
Best Use:FPS GamesGeneral UseFor Fast Cursor Movements

Understanding DPI

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and it is the representation of how many pixels the cursor will move when you move your mouse one inch.

For example, if you set your DPI to 1000, then moving your mouse one inch will mean your cursor will move 1000 pixels across the screen.

Basically, DPI is mouse sensitivity, and the higher the DPI, the less physical movement to move your cursor a large distance.

How Can I Set My DPI?

One of the biggest advantages of gaming mice is that they come with drivers that provide complete control over your mice. Such software allows you to control the DPI, Polling Rate, Aesthetics, and Macros.

An example of a gaming mouse software is the razer synapse.

Gaming mouse software

Razer Synapse software

You can see that I have 5 DPI stages which I have configured. Other gaming mice that aren’t razer will have their own software too.

Some gaming mice like the Razer Deathadder Elite have DPI buttons you can use to alternate between DPI stages. This saves time going into the software to change the settings.

In this picture you can see a setting called “polling rate”, I have written an article describing its effects.

What Is The Best DPI For Gaming?

The choice of DPI depends on what games you’re playing. If you’re playing a game that requires high precision, then I recommend DPI between 400-800.

I must say, we all differ, and we all choose settings that we feel comfortable with, playing with the DPI is your best option for finding the best DPI for you. There is no right DPI setting, and it all comes down to personal preference.

A useful tip when using low DPI is to buy a large mousepad so you can cover more distance when making long strenuous movements. This is what pro-gamers do when they want super high precision, and the ability to cover large distances with low DPI.

What Is The Best DPI For FPS Games?


Counter strike

Games like CSGO, Crossfire, and Fortnite(which isn’t an FPS game) require super high precision when aiming. Most professional gamers aim for the head for the quick elimination, it sounds satisfying but mastering headshots requires a precise DPI setting.

Using high DPI settings in such a scenario will cause poor accuracy and will make aiming in general difficult

Shooter games are one of those games where slight movements make a big difference, with high DPI those slight movements are now magnified making you essentially a big noob.

Mouse DPI Vs Game Sensitivity

Mouse DPI(Dots Per Inch) is the resolution of your mouse’s sensor. It refers to the accuracy of your mouse. In-game sensitivity is how fast the cursor moves.

DPI will always be smoother and more accurate than in-game sensitivity. An example of this is, if you have 100DPI and x10 in-game sensitivity, your mouse will be choppier and more inaccurate than just 1000DPI x1 in-game sensitivity.

Typically, you want higher DPI and lower in-game sensitivity for smoother and more accurate mouse cursor movement.

What Should My Windows Sensitivity Be At?

Most pro gamers like to keep their windows sensitivity at 6/11, but why is that? They keep it there because it is the default windows speed, right in the middle on, the 6th notch. This also results in a pure 100% speed accuracy, anything else will result in choppy movement.

windows mouse settings

Here you’ve probably noticed that I have the “Enhance pointer precision” option unchecked. This is because it does quite the opposite, and is often considered a bad thing by the professional gamers.

This is windows term for mouse acceleration, and most games ever devised, mouse acceleration is outright despised. It makes all mouse movements inaccurate the cursor moves more than it should’ve. All games boil down to consistency.

More on this topic here.