How To Choose A Mousepad

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Gaming Mice Guides

Choosing a gaming mousepad is one of the most important decisions you can make when starting to PC game. A gaming mouse also requires a good mousepad to compliment it, and you definitely need a mousepad for optical mice

How To Choose A Mousepad For Gaming?

If you’re serious about choosing a mousepad, you should consider these factors instead of picking up any old mousepad. Factors to consider like: What games do you play, How heavy is your mouse, and aesthetics.

The material of your mousepad matters

There are two main materials and textures a mousepad uses, smooth texture and a rough texture. Smooth textured gaming mousepad help accelerate the mouse faster which can be used for swift mouse movements and flicks.

Smooth mousepads will help you speed up your gaming mouse. So you should pair a smooth mousepad with a heavy gaming mouse. The reason why you should pair it with a heavy gaming mouse is because of inertia. Heavy gaming mice require more effort to move thus are slower.

Also, smooth textured mousepads feel better on your hand. Since your hand will most likely be brushing against your mousepad, whether it’s your thumb or your wrist, you will suffer fewer blisters.

An example of a smooth mousepad would be the Razer Goliathus Speed edition

Rough mousepads have a rougher surface, and generally go better paired with lighter gaming mice. The reason you should pair a lighter mouse with a rough mousepad is that the mousepad should slow the mouse down. This is due to the resistance of the mousepad dragging on the mouse making it easier to control

Rough mousepads are decent for precision, and players that use it typically use lower DPIs.

An example of a rough mousepad would be the Razer Goliathus Control edition.

Hard Vs Soft mousepads for gaming – Which are better?

Hard mousepads feel so much different to soft mousepads. When you use a hard mousepad you typically get a slippery feeling, and you don’t need a lot of effort to move the mouse. If you’re used to soft mousepads, you may need to get used to the texture of the hardness. You will definitely overcalculate your movements, you shall master using hard mousepads with some time.

Soft mousepads use cloth as a material, and they typically have a cushioning effect when you move the mouse. The cushioning effect is due to the mouse’s feet sinking into the material, and you have to push the mouse through the fabric.

Soft mousepads will wear out quicker, and suffer from distorted shapes quicker. This is because of the cloth material, they are more prone to damage compared to plastic/polycarbonate.

How wide should my mousepad be?

It mostly comes down to the sensitivity and the DPI you will be playing at. If you’re using low DPI x Low in-game sensitivity, then you should go for a mousepad that covers a lot of widths. Lower the sensitivity, the more distance that needs to be covered. Now if you’re using high sensitivities, you can get away with a small – medium sized mousepad. Players that use high sensitivities don’t even use their whole arm to make movements, they usually perform micromovements with their wrist and fingers.

An example of a decently sized mousepad would be the SteelSeries qck+

What mousepads should I buy for wireless mice?

The choice of mousepad doesn’t make any performance difference if you’re wired or wireless, but there are some mousepads that support wireless charging. You can wireless charge your gaming mouse, and use it at the same time which completely removes the need to charge the batteries.

These mousepads will cost more than your normal mousepad due to the installed wireless charging technology, but I do think it’s worth a try since wireless mice are becoming more popular.

Before you purchase a wireless charging mousepad, make sure that the mousepad is compatible with the product you’re using to wirelessly charge. The compatible product usually is of the same brand.

Does Aesthetics Make A Difference On My Mousepad

aesthetics mousepad

There are a lot of mousepads on the market that offer RGB lighting. Now, as you should know, aesthetics do not have any tangible benefits and the only thing they offer is looking pretty. RGB mousepads need to be plugged into your computer for the lights to operate, and they can be synced with other RGB products like your mouse and keyboard if it’s supported.

RGB mousepads will always cost more than your normal non-RGB mousepads, so unless you really want RGB I don’t see a reason in purchasing one.