Gaming Mouse – Should I Buy One?

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Beginner Guides

When gaming, the mouse you choose can make a night and day difference depending on what games you play.  Factors you should consider when buying a gaming mouse are: The size of the mouse, What type of mouse FPS or MMO, and what hand is the mouse for?

Do Gaming Mice Make A Difference?

I can honestly tell you that gaming mice make a huge difference compared to regular mice use when gaming. When using a regular mouse when gaming, they tend to feel flimsy and cheap, also they don’t perform as well in terms of mouse accuracy.

Gaming mice compared to regular mice are better in terms of quality. When you buy a gaming mouse, it’s like an investment. Most gaming mice are rated for 10+ Million mice clicks and the mechanical switches are rated even higher.

When looking at gaming mice, you may have noticed that some gaming mice are completely different in shape, and may or may not have a ton of buttons. This is because there are different types of gaming mice for games.

If you’re wondering how to correctly choose a gaming mouse, here’s an article I’ve written with the best tips.

Should I Buy A Gaming Mouse For FPS Games?

FPS gaming mouse

Absolutely, you should definitely buy a gaming mouse for FPS games. Also, I’ve written an article on the best FPS gaming mice, please check it out here! Now Let’s discuss why should buy a gaming mouse for FPS games:

  • The DPI/Sensitivity control is important when FPS gaming. This is because you’re able to experiment with different DPI settings to find which is best for you. Also, DPI is much more precise than in-game sensitivity. We have also discussed mouse DPI in this article here!
  • Polling Rate/Responsiveness is also a big factor you should consider when buying a gaming mouse. A cheap regular mouse polling rate would be unchangeable, and generally lower than what a gaming mouse can achieve. If you’re playing Counterstrike a higher polling rate is better, but some other games have limitations where certain polling rates cause the mouse cursor to move erratically. This is why having the ability to change the polling rate is important. I have also written an article on polling rate: You can find it here!
  • Size & Shape Is important in so many ways. In the gaming mouse market, you can find a mouse that can fit perfectly for the size of your hand. Gaming mice are sometimes curved to fit a specific hand, for example, a left-handed gaming mouse will curve for a left hand and the same for the right hand. but there are also ambidextrous gaming mice which are perfectly symmetrical.

If you’re wondering if a gaming mouse improves your aim, it doesn’t BUT it does give you the “Tools” to improve. Compared to a normal mouse, the gaming mouse will give you a better sensor, better software, and better ergonomics. These features will undeniably push your limits enabling you to improve and get better quicker.

Should I Buy A Gaming Mouse For MMO/MMORPG/MOBA Games?

Razer gaming mouse MMO

The difference between gaming with a regular mouse and a mouse specifically made for MMO/MMORPG/MOBA games is extremely large. They usually feature a beefy build to accommodate a ton of customizable buttons which is needed for hotkeys.

  • Side buttons/Hotkeys A regular mouse rarely comes with any extra buttons, just the regular left/right & scroll button, but a gaming mouse made for MMO games have TONS of side buttons, and these side buttons are utilized by all the pro players for their abilities. They are able to perform quick ability combos efficiently and effectively because the buttons are so close to the thumb.
  • Ergonomics You will be using your gaming mouse intensively in fast-paced games like World Of Warcraft, so it is important that you buy a gaming mouse that compliments your hands well. Thankfully gaming mice are good at doing that as their design is made for comfort and ease first.
  • Software With up to 9 side buttons, you’re going to need a place to program all those macros, and hotkeys, right? That’s where gaming mice completely destroy regular mice at gaming, the ability to program your keys, create macros, change the DPI and polling rate is game-changing, and regular mice will not be able to compete.

Even if you’re a casual player, I do think purchasing a gaming mouse is a good idea because it could make enjoying the games you play far more, from the beautiful aesthetics to the performance it offers.

Extra Gaming Mouse Features

If you’re the type to hate wires and believe they’re annoying, then no need to worry, there are wireless gaming mice that can compete with cabled gaming mice in terms of responsiveness and performance. However, you should take into consideration that wireless gaming mice require batteries and constant recharging. If you need more information on wireless gaming mice, then here is an article we’ve written, please take a look.

A lot of gaming mice nowadays have RGB implementation, now I know aesthetics have no real tangible benefits, but we must accept that RGB has a prominent mark on the gaming community.

Now to those that dislike RGB, you can at least disable the features inside the software they provide. But to those that enjoy RGB, you can have fun with a ton of RGB preset settings inside the gaming mouse software.

Honestly, I have to say that aesthetics is just as important as performance. I can’t imagine looking at a mouse I hate looking at; With that said, you should definitely consider the aesthetics of the mouse.

More on the durability of gaming mice, if you were to pick up a cabled gaming mouse, you may notice that the cables are braided. They do this to ensure that the cable lasts far longer than that of a regular mouse. It’s the little things like this that make a big difference, the standard rubber cables tend to wear out quickly, which overall decreases the lifespan of your mouse.

So Should I Buy A Gaming Mouse?

With all the factors considered, you can’t go wrong except for the price. You can pick up a good gaming mouse for $50+ but I understand not everyone is able to make such sacrifices, however, there are definitely some decent cheap gaming mice on the market, so don’t feel like you need a super expensive gaming mouse to play games.

Here are some cool examples of FPS Gaming Mice: Razer Deathadder Elite, SteelSeries Rival 600, Logitech G403

And here are some examples of cool MMO Gaming Mice: Razer Naga, Logitech G600, SteelSeries Rival 500